Texas Baptist Men


TBM Ministries



The  wagon wheel is used to represent how the fellowships and ministries of TBM strive to fulfill our mission statement.

At the center of the wheel is the axel that represents the importance of a personal, ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. With everything focusing upon and revolving around Jesus, He provides the stability and direction for the TBM ministries.

The hub of the wheel represents the foundation of mission education. As the hub supports the spokes, mission education assists churches in the role of helping Christians discover how they are created for God’s mission. Mission education is a process rather than a program, striving to help individuals become aware of God’s purpose for their life and the needs around them.

The spokes of the wheel represents the various fellowships and ministries of TBM. Each one offers opportunities for church members who share common experiences or interests to be used by God to accomplish His work, done His way for His glory.

The rim of the wheel represents mission action and provides opportunities for evangelism. Men and boys are activity-oriented and seek opportunities for involvement. There are many mission projects that individuals or groups of men are involved with on an ongoing basis. Where the metal of the rim meets the road is where believers encounter a lost world and share the message of Jesus Christ with those who are looking for the answer for their lives.