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The Water Ministry


Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry partners with stateside churches to help mission churches in poverty stricken areas bring clean water, good hygiene practices, and a means of self reliance to their communities, while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. 

“Sharing God’s Love in Texas and Around the World” is what Texas Baptist Men is all about. That is exactly what the Water Ministry is doing by addressing a global crisis: The need for clean water, and Christ. We provide clean water and share the “Living Water” of Christ.


For over two decades the Water Ministry of Texas Baptist Men has worked to show Christ’s love through water purification in more than 74 countries. We have water well drilling projects in 8 countries with more scheduled, teach and equip for pump repair, soap making as a business and source for locals and health and hygiene. Safe water and good hygiene can change the health, and economy of an entire village. It gives them hope for a better future. Working with a local church, we train their people enabling them to take control of their own needs, and to teach others. It is vital to have local participation and community input in solving their problems. Opportunity is provided, not charity. We leave the equipment and training materials with them providing them a means to have a sustainable solution for their needs. This creates self respect and self-sufficiency with a connection to the local church.

One child dies every 15 seconds from bad water and poor hygiene. We need your help! Please pray about how you, your church, Sunday school class, or organization can help. You can partner with us to raise money for projects or join our team traveling to these areas of need. The team would be happy to come to you and share our ministry. You too can experience the blessings of making a difference. We can’t do it alone! 

To learn more about this ministry contact:

DeeDee Wint
Water Ministry Vice President

Water Ministry Video Clips

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    Water Ministry - 2015 (MP4 File - 23 MB)

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    Water Ministry - Cup of Water (MP4 File - 27 MB)