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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Ministry

TBM provides Christ-centered ministry support, training and networking opportunities to serve the needs of the criminal justice system and community entities seeking ways to repair harm and restore peace. We envision communities that are involved in appropriate retribution, redemption, reconciliation, reparation and reintegration.


Restorative Justice Ministry is the response of the church to bring the healing power of Christ to bear on all parties involved in the criminal justice system to include:

  • Offenders (adult & juvenile)
  • Victims of Crime
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • The family of each


Restorative Justice is an approach to problem solving that is based around three basic concepts:

  • That when crime (or wrongdoing) occurs, the focus is on the harm that has been done to people and relationships.
  • When harm has been done, it creates obligations and liabilities.
  • The way forward involves wrongdoers, victims and community efforts to heal the harm and put things right or as right as possible.


We believe that Restorative Justice reflects Biblical concepts rather than the current retributive models of justice and improves upon traditional criminal justice approaches by providing the following benefits:

  • RJ views criminal acts comprehensively rather than defining crime simply as lawbreaking. It recognizes that offenders harm victims, communities, their own families and even themselves.
  • RJ involves multiple entities rather than giving key roles to government and the offender; it includes victims and communities as well.
  • RJ measures success differently. Rather than measuring how much pain and suffering has been inflicted, it measures how much harm has been repaired, recompensed and/or prevented.
  • RJ recognizes the importance of community involvement and personal initiative in responding to and reducing crime, rather than leaving the problem of crime to governments alone.
  • Involvement by Criminal Justice Professionals in Restorative Justice has begun to effectively change the climate from one of "Get Tough on Crime" to "Get Smart on Crime".


For more information, contact:

Don Gibson
RJM Vice President
214-232-1856 (c)

Jim Young
RJM Coordinator
469-427-4911 (c)

Restorative Justice Ministry Video Clips

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