Texas Baptist Men



Mission Statement

The Texas Baptist Men Communications Fellowship (TBMCF) has as its primary mission to facilitate the mission of Texas Baptist Men, which is “to assist Texas Baptist Churches as they lead men into a ‘Love’ relationship with Jesus Christ that will thrust them and their families into a lifestyle of missions and ministry that fulfills the Great Commission.” TBMCF focuses on involving men in using their technical interests in amateur radio as a means to fellowship together, develop ministry to the amateur radio community, support public service events through the use of amateur radio, and to provide communications resources to support other TBM efforts including Disaster Relief.

Membership in the Communications Fellowship

The TBMCF is open to anyone with an interest in supporting the goals of the group. Although the primary emphasis is on Texas Baptist men, women are welcome as are people of other faiths. Membership in the group is attained by completing and submitting a membership application to the Vice President for the Communications Fellowship. The application will be reviewed by the Communications Committee before granting membership in the group.


There are no dues collected from members. Membership in the group is free.

For more information, contact:

Carl Jeans
Communications Fellowship Vice President
806-220-3266 Cell